3D Dinosaur Stamps - yes please

I got myself organised and paid a visit to the post office to buy the proper stamps for sending postcards and letters to Bronwen in Melbourne. Can't wait to see what our favourite boys think of these awesome anaglyph dinosaurs. Apparently, "an anaglyph is a stereo image that requires special glasses with red and green (or blue) lenses for 3D viewing. To achieve the effect, two views of a picture are printed in two colours, usually red for the left eye and blue or green for the right eye." I hope they can lay hands on some of those glasses, and see these guys jump out at them.

The set was designed by Chantelle Basson and the full set contains 10 stamps featuring five dinosaurs: Suchomimus, Afrovenator, Heterodontosaurus, Jobaria,  and Ouranosaurus.

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