House makeover time, Part One

I've been wanting to do some new things around my house for a while. Last year I did some changearound in my bedroom and lounge and, while I like it, it's still a work in progress. So I won't be showing piccies of that until I'm happy with it. Yesterday I began on a kitchen/ dining-room/ work area makeover. My house is teeny, so my work area is actually just one end of the dining room. The room was feeling claustrophobic and messy, and, as you saw in my hair tutorial post the other day, my craft supply shelves were looking an absolute mess. I decided it was time for those shelves to have a new life in my kitchen.

Here's how the craft shelves originally looked before they got all messy.

This corner used to have a deep freeze in the weird gap. After I sold that, it just looked odd.

Ta da! And behind the curtains: tupperware, and my enormous collection of bowls.


  1. Epic! There is nothing like a spruce up to make you fall extra in love with your stuff again:)

  2. Its looking lovely Sam. Loving the pyrex! x P