Yay for Valentines

Regular readers know I love holidays, especially ones that mean I can do cheesy decor and have fun with crafts. Valentine's Day is a special one in our family, because I take it as a day to show my kids extra tons of love. We have a special breakfast and dinner, and their school snack is packed with heart-shaped treats and love notes.

Ever since my kids started school, we have also prepared Valentines notes for every child in their classes. Maybe this holiday is 'supposed' to be about romance, but for me it's for celebrating love, and I want my kids to show every kid in their classes that there is something special about them. Nobody gets left out. Because there are usually upwards of 30 kids in a government school class here, it's just too much to handmake notes for everyone, so I generally look for the loveliest free printables I can find. This year, Caitlin will be handing out 'Sending Love' from Creative Mama, and William has these charming little heart notes from Mr Printables. I think they've turned out very nicely.

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  1. Oh Sam, you are so good with the kids Valentine's Day goodies! There is a Teachers strike on today here in Melbourne so luckily I am let off the hook, but please remind me in plenty of time next year because I think your message of all kinds of love is so great. xxxx