I know, we seem to have dropped off the face of the interwebs. Sorry about that, we have both been so busy with real jobs and daily life. I have been making lots of new things too and am definitely going to be at I Heart Market this Saturday. This week I will post images of the new goodies I have created, hopefully to encourage you to come down on Saturday and say hi. 
Here are some pics of the limited version prints that I have been making. There is a little story to each of them which is packaged with the prints. 
I have used Canson 185g water colour paper which is an acid free, mildew and rot resistant paper made in France. I have layered watercolour washes with a screen print and an oil wash to create a surface that is reminiscent of hand dyed fabric.
These prints come in versions of ten per image. The difference between a version and an edition is that each print in a version is unique in colour where as in an edition each print is exactly the same. 
It is good printing etiquette to tear the edges of the format rather than cutting them. 

If you are interested in seeing any of my work please contact me on bronwen[at]

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