A very bookish wedding

This past weekend I travelled to Joburg to attend the wedding of a dear friend, the very creative Lindsey, who works for Penguin Books. I had, of course, sent Lindsey a million 'inspiration' ideas and photos, because I do like a pretty wedding. I was blown away by her original and beautiful theme, and the white with green accents was so very beautiful for a brunch reception. Hats off to House of the Pharoahs B&B, too, for a scrumptious meal, excellent service and their apparent nonchalance in the face of brunch guests demanding tequila with their scrambie eggs.


  1. I popped in to the wonderful world of Cherry for some inspiration and delightfulness and was AMAZED to see this post! :D Day. Made.

  2. How could I not blog your beautiful day my lovely? So very very pleased to have been there to experience it. You guys rock!