A Bear For All Seasons

My friend Penny bought the boys bear blowing bubbles based on the ones we had as children. When they were done with the bubbles, I stole the bear and cast him. He now appears in a number of colours and when mixed with the speech bubbles and clouds I made last month is too sweet. He speaks / dreams of the forest.

Mr Bear also appears in a little range I did of nursery wall plaques that include a rabbit and chicken molded from 1960's rubber toys. I combined the animals with a mold I made of an Art Deco light switch cover.

I have also re-cast my "seasons" range to welcome Autumn.


  1. oh you are just too clever!!! beautiful. x

  2. Could you please stop being so darn brilliant with all your creations, once again Bron I am in love with your beautifully created Mr. Bear. Unfortunately, I will not be able to see him disappear into the bags of people lucky enough to purchase him. I'm sure all your beauties will find god homes x