Christmas Shopping at I Heart Market

There is one more I Heart Market in December (Saturday 18 December, DLI, Greyville), and you really have to get on down there for christmas shopping. Anna and Saki have done an amazing job of gathering people who make beautiful, original creations and we're so impressed by the high quality of everyone's products. Some of our favourites:

We're big fans of the entire Whimsy range, but we couldn't resist Amelia's gorgeous (and prettily packaged) notebooks - perfect stocking fillers. And for just R100, you and your friends can enjoy a little bit of Whimsy every day with the Whimsy 2011 Calendar. Not only are her designs delightful, we love that Amelia makes sure her pricing is within everyone's reach. So buy more from Whimsy and show her the appreciation.

Wesley of Hope Project is doing the most wonderful illustrations, and you can get them on t-shirts, stickers and badges - so there are buying options for everyone. (We've got our eye on a particular t-shirt, if anyone is thinking of gifting the Hey Cherry girls...). Plus we get the extra joy of Wesley's beautiful wife Meg, whose soft colours and elegant style have been inspiring us the past two weekends.

We've only recently spotted Daniel's Friends, but we're very taken with these charming stuffed animals. Again, we love that they're priced just right so you can buy one for every child (or childlike adult) in your life.

Sophia's fabric-covered accessories are always a favourite. She has a real eye for a beautiful fabric and all her work is so beautifully finished. Perfect gifting for the elegant lady.

Dustin is a new stallholder at the market, with his really incredible screenprinted posters (limited editions, numbered and signed). He sold very well at yesterday's market, but if you're lucky he'll still have stock for 18 December. Get there quick though. An amazing gift, and you might want to pick up a couple for yourself - Bron, who knows a thing or two about art, says he's a great investment.

This post is getting really picture-heavy, so I'm going to ease up. But you should know that for gifting, and lusting after for yourself, there are so many wonderful stalls. We always have to swing by Lisa & Jo, Cupcake Couture, iKhaya (whose foxes are just our favourite thing right now), Moxie Made, Luckyou Handmade... Oh the list is long, and we're so proud to have all these talented folks in Durban.

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  1. I only "discovered" the i heart market in October and I am totally in love with it. As you say, Anna & Saki have done a wonderful job and I too am so thrilled that all of these creative people are here in my home town. Yay Durban!