Darren and I are blessed with the most wonderful family and friends, and I am a bit of a Christmas freak, so love giving presents to all these people who enrich our lives so.

Sam and I started Hey Cherry with the idea of trawling thrift shops for beautiful retro wonders of all sorts, giving them make overs and sending them back into the world to be loved and used and read again.
I have tried this Christmas to find the treasure that matches the person and have been trawling Charity Shops collecting for a while, so fortunately Christmas has not been the financial fiasco that I thought it would be.
But even when the gifts come in on budget, one can spend a fortune on wrapping and ribbons and tags, so this year I have tried something different.
I found a beautiful, large book on Leonardo Da Vinci at the Hospice Charity Shop in Pinetown. The binding was shot and although big and impressive it was marked at only R30. I decided that the prints / illustrations would make wonderful Xmas wrapping paper. Once the idea took seed I was into the children's section buying up old "Mandy" annuals for the kids presents. Here are pics of some of the results.

This can be done with poetry books, atlases, novels - well just about any old book really.

At first I thought it a little sacrilegious, tearing apart such a beautiful book. But the more presents I wrapped with prints of these amazing  artworks, the more I felt like I was spreading the joy.

Some of the gift tags were made from an old Monopoly set and although a little incongruous mixed with the Da Vinci prints, I think it works? 

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