Beautiful people at the market

When we're all window-shopped out at the market, we still get to sit and enjoy all the absolutely gorgeous people who come to support their favourite stallholders. There are a few market regulars who always dress up in brilliant style for this Saturday morning outing, and there's always someone new to surprise us with a clever accessory or vintage dress. Here are just a few of the lovely girls who caught our eye this Saturday...

And then this incredibly stylish couple.... She had the coolest earrings on, but unfortunately you can't see them in the photo. Still, earrings or no, aren't they marvellous?

Peter Machen of Mint always has the most awesome t-shirts. And I've never met anyone with a more expressive face...

And my ongoing inspiration, Nadia of Cupcake Couture, who has to be one of the most stylish dressers in the whole of Durban. How I long for a makeover (not just of me, my whole house) by this incredibly talented girl.

How gorgeous are these floral earrings?

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