We are all connected

This weekend sees the opening of Bronwen's newest exhibition, titled We Are All Connected, at the Bird's Gallery in Melbourne. If you are one of those lucky South Africans who saw one of her exhibitions or, even better, bought one of her works, before she left our shores, you know that Bron's technique has been refining over the years to a point where her work is a layering of evocation that is like a mist over a photorealistic image. Ok, that probably doesn't make sense, but that's how it feels to me. When I look at the works from this exhibition, I think of dreams. How one moment from a dream sticks in your memory all day long, but the moments leading up to and from that are hazy and mostly composed of emotion.

I'm going to stop rambling. If you're in Melbourne, get down to Bird's Gallery to see the exhibition. Tell your friends about it. Enjoy.

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