Gifties from Down Under

When your best friend ever (yeah, that's right BBF4EVA) and partner-in-crime absconds to Australia, presents can't of course, make up for herabsence. But whoever said they don't like receiving gifts is a liar, and receiving special treats in the mail, all beautifully packaged, is a surefire way to lift your mood. Not just because my wardrobe is looking way cool these days with all the accessories Bron is sending me, but because every package contains a little piece of her heart, sent all the way across the world to me. The love and care that Bron puts into selecting gifts for people is legendary in our group of friends, and the gorgeous packaging just adds that special touch. Thank you, my BWF, for the amazing postal love!

Today's adorable envelope, card and super-cool stockings just in time for SA winter.
And readers, don't forget you can still buy Bron's amazing products, along with an ever-growing range of carefully selected and beautifully restored vintage homewares and toys, from her online shop Once. If you are in Australia, or have friends or family there, or just like a daily dose of awesomeness, follow her blog for inspiration and to find out when her market stall will be open in Melbourne.

Beautiful Swallow Wall Plaque from Once.

Oh-so-retro 100% cushion cover from Once.

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  1. Such a pleasure hon, and thanks for the