Get the Washibug!

You all know how I love a bit of washi tape, and I was thrilled when I encountered a whole table of beautiful MT tapes at the Bulwer Food & Craft in the Park a couple of weeks ago. The lovely ladies told me it was OK that my son was not willing to give me time to browse their wide selection, because there was even more fun to be had in their online store, and they were right. I placed an order with Washibug the very next day via their website, and my daughter and I were very pleased with the pricing, fast delivery and sweet packaging.
Visit the Washibug online shop today and get yourself some washi tape joy!


  1. OMG - they look wonderful! So glad for you sweet Sam, washi tape makes everything you stick it on better!

  2. HI there, I wasn't able to find your contact details, but thought you would be interested in a design competition WashiBug is running :) Washi This Space: