New Exhibition "Splitting Image"

I have been working really hard on my new show. This body of work explores the notion that our experience is mirrored elsewhere by other unknown persons. The works allude to the fleeting realisation that, in certain moments, we share a connection with strangers who are having a similar experience. Thus the show suggests a twinning of sorts and references the concept of a doppelganger.

The show consists of 42 pairs of paintings - each representative of a year of my life. While the paintings in each pair are essentially identical, the individual works do differ slightly. The pairs are to be split and exhibited in geographically separate locations. The two shows are to open simultaneously, and the audience is to be made aware of the fact that there is another almost identical exhibition happening elsewhere, thereby actualising the feeling of mirrored experience.

I am currently looking for a great Australian gallery that has two venues to host this show. Anyone out there with any suggestions?

Here is a tiny sneak look at some of the work.

below are a few of the pairs of paintings.

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  1. I love the concept Bron. Can't wait to see more.