The Material Girl

Some days I just wake up and want to spend money! It is very seldom that on those days I actually have some money, but today was my day.

I took a little trip down to Mr Price Home and look what I found.

A beautiful ALL GOLD cushion for my big boy's room. These great (I admit a little overdone) "keep calm and carry" on mugs. A lovely "Laughter" cushion. A fab denim and check storage box which is collapsible. A darling crochet heart cushion for my baby's bed. And these wonderful serviettes that drum home the table manners we keep trying to instill in the boys.

I did go a little overboard didn't I?


  1. Did you hear that All-Gold dropped their bottle size from 750ml to 700ml very hush hush without any fanfare. Some savvy consumer picked it up and lodged a complaint at the Consumer Protection Blah Blah Thingy and forced them to remove all claims to "36 tomatoes" in a bottle campaign on their website. They HAD to do it too.... Very funny I thought - Consumer 8 : Multinational 781676185253125 YAY.........

  2. Good for consumer #8 there just seem to be teeny tiny injustices everywhere! I wonder whether anyone else has noticed the "winegum" crime? The fat cats are getting fatter and we are literally getting thinner one winegum at a time. What to do about the state of the world Alv?

  3. Dang and blast, Bron I forgot to go to Mr.P's home store! They make some fun stuff. How much work must have gone into that crochet heart, wow I hope Kian loves it. As for the subtle social injustices, well, let me count the ways....