Crochet School with Craftyminx

The thought of hauling out my basket of crochet and getting on with more granny squares for my blanket is, frankly, a horrid idea right now. Durban is averaging 35 degrees, with humidity that is really taking it out of all of us. We ate ice cream for lunch yesterday. We'll probably do it again today. Nevertheless, I know that if I don't get on and make a bunch more granny squares, it'll be ANOTHER year before I have my home-crocheted blanky, and I just don't think I can pull that off. So I'm keeping thumbs held for some cool evenings coming up. In the meantime, I'm pinning lots of lovely crochet ideas, and going through the fabulous Crochet School lessons over at Craftyminx.

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  1. Well done on getting on with your granny blankie Sam, I do hope it starts to cool off for you soon so you can get hooking. I like to crochet with cotton in the summer as it's so much more comfortable than getting all sweaty with wool. I saw the Craftyminx crochet school via another blog the other day and it looks like a great free on-line resource.I don't think I can ever get enough granny goodness xox