Amazing Russian Scrapbook

Picked this up via Craftzine this morning. It's odd and beautiful so I thought I'd share it with you. From the Flickr description:
In Oct 2010 while on a research trip in Tajikistan I came across a curious scrapbook of Soviet-era graphics in a junk-shop in the capital city Dushanbe.

Within it were pages with collaged panels containing imagery ranging from depictions of cosmonauts, political figures, musical iconography and political illustrations in Constructivist and Suprematist styles.

In some cases panels were glued on top of other images and sometimes with interesting juxtapositions - images of birds coupled with communist slogans and geometric forms.

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  1. Desptite the 1983 date a lot of soviet era style design is 50s and i am going through a 50s thing at the moment...ok its been quite a while now its inspired and available and often pre mass production which just makes it really special...thank you for this eye candy!