Spaces for Dreaming

I have a thing for enclosed bed spaces. Bed nooks, little tucked-away spaces that are kind of like hidey-holes, where you can settle in with a book, a plate of hot buttered toast and a cup of tea. When I was a child, I made my own nook at the very top of my built-in wardrobe, lined with cushions and pillows and my favourite crocheted blankies. I spent happy hours up there devouring Enid Blyton stories. On the whole, I have a lot of lovely beds pinned to my Sweet Housey board. Bed is gooood.

Light & Airy + Inviting & Cosy = Perfect

Just like when I was little, with doors to close.

A quiet corner with plenty of pillows, and soft blankies.

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  1. I too like a nook or two Sam, as the youngest I always got the smallest room, (not sure why? when think about it now)I didn't mind as it was far more cosy and dens and nooks could be created for EB and annual reading and re-reading each holiday.