Magnetic Classics

Let me start by saying I hate fridge magnets! Mostly because they are generally, awfully ugly and small and fall off the fridge and are not actually strong enough to hold anything up.
However the fridge has become a temporary art gallery in our house - a display space for Leith's newest creation. It is also a useful place to put that letter about grand parents' day.
So I have set about making magnets that I like and that will actually hold up that art work decorated with pasta and beads.
First off they have to be big and flat so that there is no knocking them off. Secondly they have to be beautiful, and lastly they have to be wipe-able, as sticky fingers and dust abound in our house.
I have used the covers of classic books, which I have sprayed with clear lacquer to make them wipe-able. What do you think? These will be on sale at the next I Heart Market for R50 a piece, and may make a nice gift for Xmas.


  1. You are so clever Bron, they are gorgeous! I love the penguin classics ones. I love that about you, when you like the concept of something but not the design, you make 'em with such style! You need to be selling on etsy, these would definitely go down a treat x

  2. Oh my gosh, these magnets are the bizniz! Totally added to my wish-list. x