So I was introduced to the concept of future me by my lovely friend Chrissie while helping her sort out her kitchen. As we were trying to rationalise her kitchenware, she kept arguing that we could not get rid of the bread maker or the yogurt maker or the Moroccan tea glasses that she had found at the Milnerton Market as they were to be used by future me. You see, future Chris makes her own bread and yogurt and sips tea out of Moroccan tea glasses under a fruit tree in her future garden. I mocked her ever so gently but I must confess that I have realised that I too have a future me - in fact, I think we all do.
My future me is a calm, fun, over achiever who bakes with her children. My future me has bullied the present me into buying many cookie cutters and baking accessories. She even, on occasion, bullies me into actually baking (something present me finds stressful and irritating and results in present me shouting at the children, and then feeling like a crap mum).
Last night future me won. She is really chuffed with the out come. I just feel like a push over.

The recipe for these shortbread cookies comes from a great cook book by David Herbert called "The Perfect Cookbook". The recipes in this book are really basic but classic and work every time (even present me likes them). I scanned the recipe for the shortbread for you. If you click on the image, save it and print it, it will be readable enough for you to bake from. Please do not leave out the rice flour because it is difficult to find. Most health shops stock it and it really does make the shortbread taste like shortbread.

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  1. and they tasted sooo good thank you future present and past bron!