DIY Day - Carve your own stamps

Today we have two lovely tutorials to share that will show you how to carve your own stamps from erasers. One is quick, easy and super-cute: the Cross-Stitch Stamp from Zakka Life.

The second tutorial is actually a whole week's worth of tutorials from Ishtar Olivera, showing you how to carve more complex (and adorable) stamps, with loads of tips and tricks to make it easier.

Have fun folks! But before you run off to carve your stamps, don't forget to enter our giveaway to win 2 tickets to the Fusion Fantasia show + 2 sets of Hey Cherry fridge magnets.

1 comment:

  1. These are great, I have made stamps of various shapes - hearts, stars etc out of old corks. Just so easy but not for kids because of the sharp knife. Gives me an excuse to open up a bottle ! xox