Dia De Los Muertos (3)

You all have seen Bron's lovely sugar skull magnets that she created for our Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Sugar skulls, made of finely powdered sugar moulded and then decorated, are a traditional offering on the beautiful altars prepared for this festival. Skulls and skeletons remind us of mortality, and traditionally the skulls represent particular people. The tradition began in the 17th Century, when Italians brought the art of sugar moulding to Mexico. Poor, but with abundant sugar production, the Mexican people took on this art form and incorporated local folk-art styles in the decoration of the skulls they made. Today, sugar skulls, or calavera, are known throughout the world, and aren't only produced in the traditional form. Here are a few beautiful examples.

Felt Brooch from The Doll City Rocker on Etsy
Earrings from
Headband from Janine Basil on Etsy
Earrings from Ooogieboogiebaubles on Etsy

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