Rising to the Challenge

Not quite on a par with Stuart McLachlan's, but I'm quite proud of how well my hats turned out. Caitlin has Easter rabbits, even though obviously it's not Easter. But, you know, rabbits are kind of Springlike. I opted for a circus theme for William's hat so as to be more 'boyish', but then he complained that it didn't fit with the Spring theme, so I had to add some flowers at the last minute. I had lots of fun doing this, so next time I'll take the plunge and try something more along the lines of Stuart's ones.


  1. Oh Sam, you'd put me to shame with your beautiful hats. Love William's circus Big Top and Caitlin's hopping bunny rabbits too xox

  2. Pen, you're too kind. I have the bug now, so I hope to have some more papercut creations to show everyone in the future.