Papercut Hat Challenge

Tomorrow is 1 September - the 'official' first day of Spring - and it's Spring Hat Day at my children's school. This is another of those things where you pay the school for the privelege of spending hours elbow-deep in glue, thread, tape and card making something that your child will discard 5 minutes after they get home. Hmm, I may be getting a little cynical about 'special' days at school. Anyway, actually I am quite excited about this one, because I am planning to do something that approximates these wonderful creations by Stuart McLachlan:


  1. Oooh please how us your beautiful, knee deep glue covered creation. We have had tooooo many special days too and now that Alice is in last year of junior starting next week I am most relieved but a little bit sad too. Have fun x

  2. These hats are so cool! But wait a minute, doesn;t fall start on September 21st? :O

  3. Hi Miki. In South Africa we're in the Southern Hemisphere so we're just heading into Spring.