Pure Talent

I have a friend Greg Streak, who is amazing. He lecturers with me at the DUT, and is always so helpful with my silly questions about anything sculptural. He shares information about where and how to get things done so freely that this post is a little thank you.
He is a wonderful contemporary South African artist who has exhibited widely nationally and internationally, check out his site here.
This is a detail of a work he made a while back entitled "Envelopes for Tears"

He also runs a company called Garage Design Lab which specialises in uplifting spaces. Look at what he did to another friend of mine s kitchen.

Isn't the transformation amazing. He made the drawer unit from an old shop fitting, cast, sanded and polished the counter tops from cement and designed the sink area to fit all of her appliances neatly. If I ever get to the stage that I have any spare cash he is definitely the man I am going to call to attack my kitchen.

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  1. I've been mesmorised by this post and looking at the links ~ no words to describe... only making me late for work x