Photograph Albums - How Old fashioned!

They are pretty much a thing of the past - I suppose scrap booking has taken their place, but there is something nice about albums with thick black pages and funny photo-corners. I had these made at a strange little bookbinder down the road. We have made use of the covers of the vintage books that we upcycle into lucky packets, and they contain acid free genuine photo album paper (which is why they turned out to be so expensive). Unfortunately the expense of having them made renders them a bit unsalable, however Sam assures me that once we get our on line shop up and running and they are priced in dollars they wont seem so bad. As they stand in Rand I would need to charge about R400 for the smaller ones and R450 for the larger ones. Anyhoo they are lovely and i am so excited to have got them back from the binders.

Enid Blyton's Happy Storybook  is going to my new Australian niece and the Enid Blyton Annual is going to my lovely partner in crime, for her delightful twins (a beautiful boy and a stunning girl) to record their birthday pics and wishes for each year.

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  1. You girls are so clever. Love these and love the bunting!