Let's face it, there has been a lot of bunting about, we are almost completely bunted out. However it is still huge everywhere we traveled and there is something about these teeny tiny flags that makes one happy. A few months ago I had a baby existential crisis and unlike others, who may take to a couch for a period of time with a grappling novel, I bunted! I made vintage illustration bunting for almost every room in my house. I made so much bunting I was forbidden by the other members of the house to hang any more of it. Here are some pics of the house bunting, and some pics of special Dr Seuss bunting I have made for the market and also a little set of vintage animal bunting from a very damaged 1960's children's book I found.

Above is a shot of our pantry, I just have to say that almost everything that I have, that is vaguely cool for the kitchen, has come from Kirsty's shop MINT. Both in its first incarnation and in the new blog form. She has an amazing eye and is so reasonably priced. If you are not all MINT followers already (which I am sure you are) please follow the link and be awed.

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  1. I love all of it! AMAZING and all those toys and kitchen heart sings! x