The Little People Went To The Big Cities

As Sam said, we went far and wide, brought back small goodies we could afford, big ideas and a wonderful sense that Durban is an absolutely fab place to live (filled with world class contemporary craft).
One of the things we saw much of in Malaysia, Australia and in Europe was cool street art. Sam will post some of the great pics she took.
Here's a little nod to another kind of street art from the "little-people" team.

I love the anarchy of this one and it is also a Lego lead up to another series of OMG pictures from Lego Land soon to be posted.

I came back fired up to make things, mostly because of some wonderful little pendant thingys I found in Melbourne. Here are my "little people".

I have always loved these little Play Mobil children, specifically the vintage ones and was lucky enough to come across a big bag of vintage Play Mobil in a thrift shop the other day. I decided to make pendants, however these will mostly be made for friends and will not be on sale at the next I HEART MARKET, however there are two little guys at FAT TUESDAY if you absolutely must have one.
The pendants below however, will be at the Hey Cherry Stall at the August I HEART MARKET.

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  1. these birdy pendants are gorgeous! wish i could go to the i heart market for a change:(