Aaaand, we're back...

Phew. We took independent whirlwind tours: Bron to Melbourne via Malaysia (and back via Singapore), and me to Paris, Legoland Germany and Lisbon. We both had amazing times and came back with these very important notes:
1. The crafters and designers in Durban, and in South Africa in general, are producing work of a quality on the whole higher than what we saw overseas. Be proud, gals and guys, you certainly make us proud!
2. What with being in that epitome of elegance and style, Paris, I was paying close attention to the way people looked, and once again I have to say our Durban girls and boys are snappy dressers of note. Only, please, if the fashion for pants with the crotch around your ankles hits our shores soon, please, for the love of god, do not fall for it. It's horrid.
3. We should all be applying more pattern. Surrounded by gorgeous hand-painted signs and mosaiced walls and entire 5-story buildings tiled to within an inch of their lives, I was Constantly Inspired. Let's start bringing more pattern into our homes and creations. Let's inspire ourselves and everyone else.

For today's inspiration, some very cool doorways seen in Paris and Lisbon:

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