Thrifting Joy

When I spotted these gorgeous enamel bowls at a kerkbazaar two years ago I had no idea where they came from but I knew I had to have them. And at R40 for the set they seemed like a steal even with no provenance. I've since used the big bowl relentlessly for pasta, salads and crisps, and my kids love the smaller bowls for breakfast cereal.

Lovely enamel bowls.
And then today, in the course of my relentless internet browsing, I discovered that they're classic Catherine Holm midcentury modern Scandinavian design. Of course. Colour me pleased with myself.

Edit: Oh my goodness gosh. Ten minutes after I posted this I was reading about this awesome 'Style Your Space' e-course on A Beautiful Mess and what did I suddenly spot?

How totally cool is my kerkbazaar bowl all of a sudden?


  1. Oh my word, that is so awesome!!

  2. Super Awesome! Great eye. Enjoy them even more now.