In Great Company

Friends and followers know that I just love the In Good Company website and online shop. These girls import the most gorgeous party goodies and gifts, and are incredibly talented in creating beautiful parties. But you know how it is with online shopping sometimes ... You see something and it looks awesome so you order and wait excitedly for your parcel to arrive and when it does it's a big fat dissappointment. So I'm always wary of ordering things I've never actually seen in the flesh. That's why, while I was in Jhb this weekend, I took the opportunity to head out to River Club and browse the In Good Company showroom. I was lucky enough to arrive at just the time they were unpacking a shipment of new goodies, which had me squealing with delight the moment I walked in the gate. Well, I can tell you, after a very lengthy and thorough perusal of everything in the showroom, that In Good Company are stocking only the highest quality, cutest and best designed partyware and gifts. I would have bought the whole place if I only had the ready. As it was, I walked away with a very special birthday gift for Bron (which I have to keep secret for now), and ..... this:

Yes, it's the awesome Belle and Boo tape that I blogged back in March. Isn't it too cute for words? There's a whole range of gorgeous Belle and Boo stuff now available in the online store, along with so many other fantastic goodies that I know you all are going to go just crazy for. So do go check it out, and buy me something while you're there...


  1. so beaut, i also have some, i ordered direct from belle & boo tho, sure would be cheaper to order online direct yourself than via an SA company? Unless they get discounts for ordering in bulk..

  2. @Jo: Well, it works out to about R50 odd direct from Belle & Boo. Plus shipping I guess you're looking at around R80 for just the one item. I thought IGC's R95 reasonable enough. On the whole, I find they price well.

  3. I totally love In Good Company. I bought the most awesome Christmas tree ever from them amongst loads of other things.

    Ganna go order me some of that tape right now. Thanks for posting ;0)

  4. Hey Coelho - this is Julie from In Good Company - and we do get a bit of a discount for ordering in bulk, and we worked it out for you: the tape is as Hey Cherry says: R50 in the UK shop, add their shipping charge of R51, (4.60 pounds) and already you are over the R95 - then there is always customs and duties that you would have to pay and that can be anything around 35% of the value of the item, so you may have to pay in another R15 or so. We are always trying our best to bring in goodies at prices that are less than if you did it yourself - that is our sole goal at IGC! Thanks so much Julie