Sneak Peek

The market was a great success. Sam has lovely pics that I am sure she will load soon.

I thought, since I am now going to concentrate on my real work for a while, (we will not be at the market next month, but will pop up again in June) I would give you a sneak peak of the show I am working on. It is entitled "A Portrait of Ophelia" and it will be opening at Artspace JHB in May.

It's a strange little show that has the undercurrent of a novel . It comprises a series of paintings that juxtapose the internal spaces we occupy with the external spaces of the city.

"You Promised Me to Wed"
20cm / 60cm
Gesso and Oil on Board

"For Remembrance"
40cm / 40cm
Gesso and Oil on Board


"Lie Low"
40cm / 40cm
Gesso and Oil on Board

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  1. Beautiful, Bron, you are an inspiration. All the best for the show :)