I Heart the I Heart Market

What a fantastic day we had at I Heart Market on Saturday. It was hot and quite crowded in the tent but Anna did a fantastic job at getting us all set up quickly and as comfortably as possible, and the vibe was, as always, fantastic. Such wonderful creative people we have in Durban! Look at all the beautiful stalls we were lusting over...

I had to stop myself from spending all my earnings, and more, with so many lovely things to choose from. I couldn't resist the fantastic garden chairs from Mint though. And Nadia's Build-a-Brooch stand was so very clever and beautifully done that I had to send my daughter to try it out.

Build a Brooch. Too too clever. And so beautifully done.

Happy little girl with her lovely brooch.
See more pics of the market and beautiful goodies at Glossary Girl and Heart Divine, and more pics of the Build-a-Brooch goodies at LoveCupcakeCouture.

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