Vintage Children's Books Galore!

This Xmas season we went to the Eastern Cape on holiday and besides the wonderful beaches, this province has great second hand shopping. I have stocked up on hardcover, vintage, children's books as I have tapped Durban of all of its resources.

These books are getting harder and harder to find and most book dealers are getting wise to their true value so I bought all the affordable ones. However I do have to push my children's book packs up to R60 (for a pair of books) as I have promised my husband that my side of Hey Cherry will not run at a loss this year.

Here are some pics of the gems I have found.


 I have also got a great new range of adult books that I am still busy covering in plastic. Here's an example of one pack. They would make great cheap Valentines gifts. They are also priced at R60 a pair.

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  1. These are so wonderful. I really love them. I have some pics of your books from the market I saw you at. Will email you. x