Procrastination a la Valentine

So what I really should have been doing yesterday was many fold and multitudinous. What I did instead was this:

I have always loved the paintings in the Ladybird early readers. In fact, I hear that the originals of these works have recently been exhibited at the Tate in London. The illustrator was a guy called Harry Wingfield and you can read more about him and the ladybird books here:

I have been collecting the books for years now and occasionally there will be a double, where one copy is in pretty bad condition. I have never really known what to do with these spares. One day, when I have enough money, I want to get the whole series of illustrations block mounted for a children's room. In the mean time I made some one off Valentines cards. My lovely husband Darren, and friend Cath helped me with the captions. You can imagine the ones that didn't make the cut (especially from these two rather dark-humoured souls).

Here are pics of just 6 of the 26 I made. They will be selling for R15 at the I HEART MARKET in Feb.

the keys to my heart + you're FAN tastic

I'm juice less without you + I'm so attracted to you 

let's duck + pencil me in 


  1. I love these! Will definitely see you there! xx Jess