Reluctant Moms

Doing a belated round of the SA Blog Awards 2010 winners, I had the joy this morning of discovering The Reluctant Mom's Blog. Here's a little extract from Celeste's 'About Me':

So, to sum up who I am, I am a mom of three delicious children, I adore them so much, and if I could have a fourth I would, I also love being away from my children and being with my friends and a large bottle of wine.
I struggle with motherhood nearly every day, and nothing about it comes easily to me.  I stopped faking it was easy and that I was coping around 2007.  Since then my life has got easier, not easy, just easier and just a little saner.
I love this girl!! So to all you other moms (and moms-to-be and possible-future-moms) out there who have those days where you think 'Oh please oh please oh please can I be whisked for a time to some sweet other place with no children or laundry or grocery-buying-requirements or stupid school notices about how my child really should be more neatly turned out', go visit Celeste, support her, and feel better. <insert smiley face here>

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