In Good Company

A comment on my recent post about washi tape led me to the website of In Good Company, a Sandton-based party decor and management company. Well, I'm gobsmacked at their range of beautiful goodies and the creative way they put themes together. Plus, their terrestrial and online shops stock a range of utterly gorgeous goodies that the Hey Cherry team can't wait to get our hands on for some serious gift-wrapping fun. We love it when fellow South Africans have taken the initiative to produce or import some of those beautiful designer goodies that we see all the time on the web, and we love it even more when they've made a conscious choice to offer those goodies at prices the rest of us can afford. It's so easy when you're the only local stockist of a particular product to say 'hell, let's price it up, it's not like there's competition'. So thanks to Julie and Alex for a great creative vision, a very attractive website, beautiful goodies and fair pricing. Let's support these girls so they keep bringing us more lovely things...

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