No Gym for Me Thanks. I'm a Bellydancer.

For the past several years, on and off, I've studied bellydancing with two of Durban's finest teachers. We started off up in the Highway area with the amazing Alison of Bellyfusion. Alison continues to be an incredible inspiration to me and to my daughter. We're also privileged to have worked for the past couple of years with the Dynamic Senta of Maya Dance. Senta is very active in the South African dance community. Where she gets her energy from, I have no idea, but she's quite a dynamo. My daughter is studying her Foundation grading in bellydance through Senta, and plans to become a qualified dance teacher by the time she finishes tertiary education (several grades to get through first, then grading as a teacher, so it's a long process).

When I bellydance regularly, I can really feel the difference. My back feels stronger and my joints are much less stiff. As I get older, this shit gets a lot more important. I've been in class with women of all ages, and we all agree that bellydance is probably the best way to keep everything moving smoothly. If you're not that into gym and want to get into something that keeps you active and fit but is FUN, then do look out for a bellydance class near you. A lot of gyms offer classes too, if you already got sucked into that membership and are now wondering whether you can possibly stand the awful rowing machine one more time. Plus, you get to dress up in all sorts of jingly belts and jangly jewellery and feel like the Queen of Sheba.

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