Marvellous Maths Carnival - Play and Learn

Marilyn, otherwise known as The Toymaker, creates the most beautifully illustrated paper toys. I have been receiving her newsletter for years now, and it's always a treat. Today there was a particular treat. Marilyn has created a beautiful e-book that provides hours of fun to kids while they learn important maths concepts. Now that's a win. Here's what Marilyn says of her Math Carnival e-book:

"The games in The Toymaker’s Mysterious Math Carnival were created to amuse and delight, but they can also provide children with opportunities to practice math concepts commonly introduced in grades K-3.

The paper toys that constitute the carnival are suitable for use in the classroom, for homeschooling, remedial practice, and afternoons of fun that just happen to have built-in ways to explore and practice mathematical concepts.

Each game meets a common core standard established by the states for the development of mathematical concepts and their practice, including the manipulation of real objects to promote mathematical understanding."

Marilyn Scott-Waters

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