Taking a break

Yesterday I just could not face working on the commissions, I felt like I had been stuck behind my easel for weeks and needed a change. So I did a little second hand shopping and found this delightful pair of Bakelite swans that seem to love floating around amongst the enamel lilies in our kitchen.

I also decided to act on cutting out some cushions from the vintage fabrics I have been collecting. It was a treat to use the beautiful birthday scissors my sweet man bought for me. They are Mundial Tailor's Shears and are super professional scissors.

Last little note from yesterday is that I noticed that our untended veggie patch has self seeded. After the monstrous cherry tomato plants died off at the end of the season, it seems new little ones have begun to grow from the over ripe tomatoes left in the soil. Always a good sign in today's world where seeds are so modified they only last a season.

Happy Friday everyone.

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