Wild Things

Bron has been so wildly productive. Do stop by the Hey Cherry stall at the I Heart Market tomorrow to see all her beautiful new goodies and pick up some for yourself and friends. I haven't really done much, but I have been playing around with some new little friends, who I'm thinking of as 'the wild things'. We'll see if any of you like them enough to take one home tomorrow...

First up we have the ladies. On the left, Margarita. She's quite haughty, because she imagines herself very elegant, but she just needs a little love and she melts. Beside is is the quirky Annie, who likes to crack jokes and believes in unicorns. Below them are (left) Leroy the Lionhearted. His speciality is keeping nightmare monsters at bay. His friend is Furber the Funnybunny, who is fond of mushrooms and birdnests.

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