Cushions and Cookies

We have become terribly erratic bloggers I am sorry. It has been such a busy year. I (Bronwen) have been on a mission to make a batch of cushions. I have been hand silk-screening with Jik onto 100% cotton fabrics. Coloured 100% cotton  that responds well to bleaching is not easy come by, so when I found the beautiful red that bleaches out to become the beautiful yellow I was over the moon. I have used the same screens as I made for my limited edition prints and have added a few. Before I show you the results, I need to pick your brains. If there are any Durban readers that know of a good CMT (cut make and trim) please let me know as I can not possibly take on the zip sewing of 50 cushions.

In between cushions I have been up tp JHB where I found this wonderful old biscuit maker thingy and look at the results - if I had posted this yesterday there would have been a myriad more bikkies, but alas these are all that are left of my batch.

I have combined my prints with some beautiful new shweshwe cloth i found down town.
Oh Land of Do-What-You-Please, can i come and play?
"Dear Me"

Tea and Bikkies

This little lady was very shy and would only let me print her successfully twice
I absolutely love vintage children's books so this is an ode to Mr Dixon and Ms Blyton
I was very excited about how well my silk-screen lace printed.


  1. hi-mail me can get you cmt numbers if you still need
    cushions looking amazing!

  2. Hi - I'm looking for cmts for cushions & apparel - in Durban. Small units.
    Can you help please!?
    Thank you!