Module 1 (Third Year Fine Art), Part 1

As some of you might know I (Bronwen) lecture part time at the DUT in Fine Art. I am in charge of third year painting. Each year I get a new group of students who have been given a solid technical grounding, but now need to find their own conceptual "voice". Sometimes the task is overwhelming as they don't know what they want to say or how they want to say it and I sure as hell don't know either. Together we have to find something that interests them.
I am thrilled with the results at the end of the first, of five modules that make up my course. Don't you think that they are off to a good start?

Laura Matthews has created amazing little dolls out of found materials.
Mhlo Chiliza is working with the office chair as a symbol of the aspiration of the individual
Tessa Hadlow is using old family photos to create a series of whimsical multi-media works


  1. Well done Bron. You must rock at being a teacher. XXXX