Things We Love: Comfy Beds

I know, it is a bit arbitrary, I mean who doesn't love a comfy bed?  However, I have this wonderful friend Penny from L is for love and for us, making uber comfy, beautiful bedding is a bit of an obsession. It started way back in our twenties and seems to be something we both still hold dear. In fact since we have had children it seems to have intensified.
I have been trying to get the boys out of our room (I know, can you believe it? We really are not doing well on this parenting issue) for ages now and I thought a bunk bed in their room with beautiful quilts and lights would help. Late last year I was making the quilts and now they are finally finished and installed.

Kian's bed

Leith's bed

Here is a pic of a dear little night light we found at the Asia City near Bruma Lake last time we were up in JHB. 


  1. Sweetest Bronwen, these are the most lovingly and precious made quits for your boys, it simply has to tempt them to have their own special boy's den :0)
    Too right about beds, oh the ceremony of it all will not falter... cotton and candy stripes leads to the sweetest slumber. I have just finished pretty-ing up some old pillow cases for Allypops, watch out for my next post.

    ps. Loving all your amazing vintage collections, so joyful and nostalgic. I like that we are like peas in the same pod and love the past x

  2. oops typo... I meant quilts and not quits!!!

  3. Beautiful quilts, I have three boys and they would so appreciate that car fabric! Love the little lights too!

  4. Do your boys love them? Mine surely would!
    They are lovely!

    From Bronwyn (in Canada)

  5. Oh I love these quilts! Just popped over here from Penelope's ... glad I did :D

  6. Thanks ever so you kind people. Yes the boys really do love them. I made sure the bottom lining was made of the softest brushed cotton so they are uber snuggly too.