Easy Origami

I so seldom do craft projects with the kids. Maybe it's the artist's child syndrome. However Leith has been making beautiful folded paper sculptures of late and has expressed such an interest in origami that I decided to give it a whirl. It was really rewarding. There are two tricks
1) start with age appropriate origami forms.  I got Darren to download nice easy ones from these sites.
2) buy a pad of coloured paper and nice eyes/ buttons/ feathers - as these extras make their creations seem really special.

I would not try this with kids under the age of six however as it is a little fiddly.

Look what came out of our weekend workshop

This was actually supposed to be a bear, but we didn't have the right paper so we improvised.

After he was complete we made a special background for him.

These swans came from the pelican pattern - once again a little creative alteration and some fancy feathers and Voila!

The penguins were Leith's ingenious invention (he just turned the easy peasy whale pattern upside down)

This little mosaic installation was what Kian was doing while we were folding.

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