A peek at my tree

Well, one of my trees. There is one in my studio/sunroom that is decorated quite haphazardly by my kids but since the ornaments are mostly vintage ones I picked up at the SPCA it looks awesome. The one in my lounge I got a teeny bit more Martha-Stewarty on and opted for red and silver only. It's a great tree I picked up last year from Checkers that has the lights built in. Makes things so much easier.

Under the tree you can see all the pressies that I spent two nights manically wrapping. Red and turquoise, natch. Made easier by Mr Price's kiff range of wrapping papers. I do like the idea of recycled wrapping, and I use it often, but I had lots of weirdly shaped gifts to deal with this year and I didn't want to be fiddling with paper that tore on the strange pointy bits. So I went with the thick strong stuff and it made life much easier. No fancy tags though. My trusty circle punch came in handy for making name tags in contrasting wrapping, and I dug through my ribbon stash for all the little end bits of ribbon in the right colours. Oh, I did get some glittery puffy stickers from Everlasting for a little added kitsch. See that little snowman in the front there? I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.