Lucky Packets Galore

I've been having lots of fun putting together new Lucky Packets for this weekend's I Heart Market. First up, these mini-Lucky Packets that I thought might make that whole 'teacher gifting' thing a little easier. They're made with xmassy scrapbooking paper, and have little Santa ornaments sewn onto their ribbons. Each one contains an apple shaped notepad, a glittery pencil and a candy cane. They're open at the top so you can add a little something extra if you like, then seal with the double-sided tape already in place for you.

Teacher Lucky Packets for Xmas - R25 each
I've got some lovely Lucky Packets for girls and for boys, some of which come from the same books and would make great sets for families. All the childrens' Lucky Packets are R40 each.

Each Lucky Packet contains a pack of scratch drawing sheets (my 9-year-olds have declared them fabulous), a pencil, a fun straw and sweeties. Girls' packs contain a hair accessory. Boys packs contain a mini-windmill. The packs are suitable for children aged 4-12 years.

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