Kian's Quilt

A while back I had a quilting quandary around the kinds of quilts I have been wanting to make for my two boys. I really want to finish the quilts for Xmas because, although they will be more excited about the Lego and other presents under the tree, I always try to take the time to make them each something.
I decided on greens and yellows for Kian and reds and blues for Leith. Here is an in progress shot of Kian's quilt. I have tried to incorporate fabrics that both he and I will like. The central panel is a beautiful piece by Kristen Doran, but I have also used a 1940s cloth baby book, some embroidered place mats and tea towels among other lovelies I have been collecting.
I always try to be so accurate when making a quilt (yes a bit of a perfectionist). But no matter how hard I try to line everything up it always goes a bit off - a bit like life really.
What do you think?