Vintage Playtime - Lambchop

Hands up who had a Lambchop puppet when they were a kid? I so wish I still had mine. If any of you out there in blogland have a pattern, I'm so up for a new one. So this week's Vintage Playtime post is dedicated to that loveable lamb and his talented creator, Shari Lewis.

Shari was born Sonia Phyllis Hurwitz in 1933. Her father, a trained stage magician, taught her to perform magic acts and she was also taught ventriloquism by John W. Cooper. She also studied piano, violin, dance, and acting. In 1952, Shari got her break when she won a TV talent contest. This led to her long career as a children's TV entertainer. In 1956, Shari debuted Lambchop during a guest appearance on Captain Kangaroo. He was to become one of her most beloved creations, and had his own show - 'Lambchop's Play-Along' in the early nineties. This show won 5 consecutive Emmy awards, to add to Shari's already impressive collection.  

After Shari's death in 1998, Lambchop seemed to be retired, but in 2000 Shari's daughter, Mally, began performing with Lambchop, and continues to do so today.

(info from Wikipedia)

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