Loving Local - Weekends Away

For our ninth wedding anniversary I wanted to do something very special and romantic. I organised for the children to be babysat, and told my husband we were going to lunch in the Midlands. We had a lovely lunch, and then I persuaded him to spend some time browsing in the lovely craft shops in the area and tasting wine at a very fine vineyard. Eventually, at around 4pm, he suggested that perhaps it was time to be heading home. That's when I directed him to my special surprise. I had booked us in for the night into the Romantic Treehouse at Sycamore Avenue.

This beautiful venue in the Midlands is romantic and fun and just beautiful. The treehouses are lovingly put together and doors, windows and various elements are carved by hand. There are funny little nooks, odd staircases and windows where you least expect them. It's like being in a storybook. Add to this the gorgeous midlands setting and the excellent dinners and breakfasts in the cosy dining room and Sycamore Avenue is a winning local love. So next time you want to get away somewhere really special (and did I mention they're pretty reasonably priced for what you get?), whether for a little romance or a fairytale family holiday, give Sycamore Avenue a call.


  1. Oh my gosh! Dave and I spent the night there on our way to our honeymoon destination...We loved it! It's such a beautiful place!