Loving Local - Biking Out

Very slowly but very definitely, bicycling is becoming a popular pastime amongst the hip, young and lovely things in SA. Also amongst us not-so-hip, not-so-lovely and definitely a little dippy older things. Durbs is a bit of a bother to cycle around, what with all those hills, but the lovely folks at Street Scene Tours made it a little easier for us by developing a lovely cycle tour along the beachfront in partnership with eco-cycletour specialists Bike & Saddle. I really do want a lovely vintage bike of my own though, and I'm saving towards one of the beauties stocked by Starling & Hero and Beatnik Bazaar. I'm so glad local suppliers are doing great things with restoring and upcycling these gorgeous pieces, and encouraging us all to get a little wind in our hair.

The Apple-Daisy 'Upcycle' from Starling & Hero.
Old Royal Mail bicycle from Beatnik Bazaar.

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